Burkely Helps Out HOA Newbies

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

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It can be pretty scary being the newbie. And Burkely Duffield knows all about it! He joined the House of Anubis cast when the show was in its second season. Luckily, he fit right in with the rest of the crew (hey, it's not hard with such a friendly cast!). And now, he's passing his knowledge on to the new season's newbies.

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Alexandra Shipp, or "Allie" as her fellow cast members call her, has officially joined HOA. And from her very first day on the London set, Burkely had her back. "She's coming over here to a completely new country, you know, shooting a different show," he said. "...I told her as soon as she came here that you only feel like a stranger with this cast for about maybe an hour."

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It's just as we suspected. The Anubis gang is so sweet, it's easy to feel at home in the group. "It's such a close knit family that right after a week she fit in quite perfectly," Burkely revealed. But scoring an invite to Sibuna? Now that's a different story...

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