Burkely's Milk Shower

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

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The cast of House of Anubis is pretty good at keeping a straight face. They're always using their serious scowls for those "What's this?" and "OMG-that-did-NOT-just-happen!" moments in the show. But behind the scenes, it's all giggles! Especially when something totally embarrassing happens. We sat down with HOA star Burkely Duffield, and he gave us the full scoop on his mortifying moments on set. And we couldn't help cracking up!

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"There always seems to be funny [moments] that are even kind of implied by the scene itself almost," he said. "When I got the milk jug poured on my head... in the show you see it once, but in reality we shot that about four times."

Showering in milk couldn't be that bad, right? Wrong. "...Between takes it's never the most comfortable [thing] to be sitting in about 3 gallons of milk while they all set up," Burkely said. Okay, we'll take his word for it!

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And there were even more cringe-worthy moments to share! "Maybe the carrot fight when I was drenched from head to toe, my shirt was sticking to me and I was trying to do all this stuff," Burkely said. Hmm, sounds like Eddie should stay away from all things edible! LOL.


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