Burkely or Eddie?

Posted on Jun 24, 2013

Burkely or Eddie 1

Attention Sibunas! We've got a real mystery that needs solving. We all know and love Burkely Duffield and the character he plays on House of Anubis, but sometimes you gotta wonder: Where does Burkely start and Eddie end? If you think you can separate Mr. Sweet from Mr. Duffield, read on!

Burkely or Eddie 2

Question 1! Which one of these cool dudes loves to rock crazy kicks? A certain someone loves sporting and collecting eye catching sneaks.

Burkely or Eddie 3

Question 2! Who's the best dude to have nearby when you're in a jam, Burkely or Eddie? One of these guys has got a real protective side to him, and the answer may surprise you!

Burkely or Eddie 4

Ready for the answers? Eddie IS a bad boy, but it's actually Burkely who loves to break the rules when it comes to fashion forward footwear. He loves wearing and collecting cool sneakers! And which boy has a protective side to him? Well, it's both! Eddie is the Osirian in the Anubis world, which means he keeps his friends safe and Burkely is actually a big brother in real life!

So, were you able to use clues to uncover the truth? If you didn't, never fear. All you need to know about these guys is that they're equally awesome!

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