Anubis in Egypt: A New Chapter

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

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What would happen if the Anubis house mysteriously disappeared? Or if Alfie stumbled upon a hidden passageway that led to a magical dimension? When it comes to fan fiction, sky's the limit! And with a posse as cool as the Anubis crew to plop in our stories, it's pretty easy to come up with awesome new adventures. Just ask Burkely Duffield! He's got some of his own interesting plot lines cooked up already....

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While chatting with the celeb, we asked if he's ever dreamed up some Anubis stories of his own. And at first, he admitted it's something he "never thought about before." But it wasn't long before he started spitting out imaginary tales!

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Inspired by Eddie's mysterious side and his role as the Osirion, Burkely explained that his fan faction would be filled with excitement. "...It'd be very close to kind of taking kind of an Indiana Jones twirl on Egypt, [maybe] climbing some pyramids."

We're thinking Burkely might wanna take a whack at writing an episode this season. 'Cause this is getting good!


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