Burkely's Nickname On Set

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

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Buttercup. J-Dawg. Gigi. Snugglebunny. Most of us have a nickname (even if it's totally embarrassing and never-to-be-said-out-loud-in-public). But what about the casts of our fave shows? Well, after chatting with ultra popular House of Anubis star Burkely Duffield, we learned that lots of Hollywood celebs score all new titles from their fellow friends on set!

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When we asked him to spill on his most hilarious (or mortifying) nickname, he dished, "Well, one actually that I'm being called, I think Francis who plays Victor originally started this...They sort of combined my first and last name, so it's not really funny or embarrassing, but I think it's quite clever. My name is obviously Burkely Duffield and I've been called Burkfield recently, kind of a combination."

We've gotta say, although this new name is pretty cool and probably won't turn his face bright red when spoken in a crowded room, we still love it!! Hey, it's a lot better than Snugglebunny, right?

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