HOA Season 3 Secrets!

Posted on Feb 8, 2013

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Season 3 of the House of Anubis is upon us. Everyone shout, 'Sibuna!' Actually, don't shout it too loud. Victor might hear you (gasp!). Anyway, this season is gonna be one of the best yet. How do we know? Oh, Burkely Duffield (AKA Eddie) took a time out (while shooting on set in London) to tell us all about it. Of course this season will be packed with all the mysterious twists and turns that we know and love. But according to Burkely, we've got even bigger things to look forward to...

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Thanks to Burkely's super star inside scoop, we now know that this season will have "the largest sets...that we've ever had before." And as far as the story goes, well, we can't spill too much. But Burkely was nice enough to give us a preview.

"We go some place new," he spilled. "We've gone to a lot of different places in the house, we've gone to the cellar, we did the tunnels last year...Just when you thought it was the end there's definitely some bigger and better places we'll be going to."

To say we can't wait would be a serious understatement. Yay, Sibuna! Oops...shhhhh....


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