10 Things You Didn't Know About Carlos Knight

Posted on Jan 15, 2013

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Okay, it's true. We did buy a set of diapers for every time we watch the show Supah Ninjas, thanks to Carlos Knight. What? He's just way too funny! But there are other things about this karate-kicking star other than his unique ability to send us into a dangerous laughing fit on cue. He spilled to AOL Kids ten things about himself that not everybody knows...well, until now. Peep his list below.

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10. "I started taking drumming lessons at four years old."
9. "I love basketball."
8. "My favorite food is my grandmother's sweet potato pie."
7. "I took my first martial arts lesson when I was 10 years old."
6. "I had asthma when I was younger."
5. "I was born on Labor Day weekend."
4. "I took culinary arts classes."
3. "I like to write screenplays and stories."
2. "I once owned a toy Batmobile."
1. "I'm working on a comedy album for children."

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We didn't know Carlos could rock out on the drums! We bet he could do some supah sweet ninja tricks with those drumsticks, too. This supah star's got tons of hidden talents. But we're not sure if we're ready for a comedy album just yet. We may have to buy some more diapers first...

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