Carlos' Hidden Talent

Posted on May 4, 2013

Carlos Knight Hidden Talent 1

Being one of the Supah Ninjas keeps your schedule pretty busy. But when he's not kicking criminal butt with his Bo staff, what other skills does Carlos Knight have up his sleeves? One of them involves a hoop and the other is music to our ears!

Carlos Knight Hidden Talent 2

If you guessed that Carlos is a hula hoop champ, then guess again! He told us, "I write a lot of music, like a lot of funny songs and I play a lot of basketball, so those are kinda the two things that I do the most." All those ninja high-kicks must translate into some pretty sweet bball moves.

Carlos Knight Hidden Talent 3

But when will we get to hear Carlos's musical makings? He dished, "People are gonna hear a lot of music from me this year. It’s not necessarily as comedic as I used to do, but people are gonna hear a lot of music from me in the future, so I guess that will be cool for people to look out for."

So now you know, the next time you catch a singing ninja on the basketball court, it's probably Carlos Knight.


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