Carlos Knight is a True Romantic!

Posted on Dec 19, 2012

Blog Image Carlos Knight Romantic Image 1

He may be known as the funny guy on Supah Ninjas, but it turns out, Carlos Knight is a bit of a ladies man! And he sure knows how to lay on the charm. While interviewing with Popstar!, Carlos gave the deets on his ultimate dream date. And we've gotta say, we were pretty impressed!

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Don't think that Carlos would go for red roses and chocolates. No! That's way too predictable. This sweet-talking ninja is all about the yummy eats and laid back atmosphere. "Anything with good food and live music," Carlos explained. "Like, new music that I haven't heard before, sounds pretty good. And something, I don't wanna get all romantic with it, but something peaceful, like a sunset."

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Smooth tunes and a beautiful skyline? That sounds like a date made in heaven. Ryan Potter might play the Amanda-crazy Mike on Supah Ninjas, but in real life, we think Carlos is the true romantic!


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