Carlos' Silly String Scheme

Posted on Sep 4, 2013

Carlos Pena Silly String 1

Touring the nation is fun for all kinds of reasons: the performing, the sights, and of course, the PRANKS! And for the Big Time boys, there's one member they had better keep an extra eye on. EnStars asked the guys if any pranks get played while on the road, and Carlos revealed that he's hatching a scheme. "Something is starting to build right now," he laughed. Kendall added, "Carlos has been collecting silly string."

Carlos Silly String 2

But where is Carlos getting all this ammo for his prank collection? Actually, it's coming from Rushers like YOU! Carlos said, "Fans have been giving us so much silly string." And while James thinks they've received enough, Carlos disagrees. "No no no, we could still use more!" he shouted.

Carlos Silly String 3

But what on Earth is Carlos planning to do with a big ball of funny foam? Well, the boys have a feeling he's up to no good. "He has something evil planned," Logan added. But Carlos assured the gang, "Don't worry, I'm going to clue you guys in on it. It's all good." Hmmm, something tells us that Carlos might be setting off some seriously secretive shenanigans soon. But you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be there to see it all go down... with a silly string shield in hand, of course!

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