Happy Birthday Carlos!

Posted on Aug 15, 2011

What happens when your birthday falls in the middle of a jam-packed globe-trekking worldwide tour? Well, you celebrate with your best buds and band mates, that's what! Carlos Pena's big day is TODAY, and although he's out on the road for his big time tour with the rest of the BTR boys, he's still having a great time celebrating (in more than one location).


After waking up to a little tour bus bday surprise from his band mates, Carlos took to the skies to spend his bday on another turf. He tweeted, "The boys got me a b day cake on the road!! Thank you all for the b day wishes.. Flying home! See you soon LA!"

And Kendall chirped back, "Ur welcome buddy, love ya". Awe, how sweet! It looks like these boys formed an even bigger brotherly bond while on the road this summer. And they made sure to give Carlos the perfect family fiesta for his special day. Happy birthday, Carlos! We hope you enjoy the rest of your bday celebrations in yet another awesome city!


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