Carlos Pena's Most Embarrassing Moment on Tour

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

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Wonder what life is like while on the road as a BTR boy? Well, lucky for us, we had Carlos Pena to tell us all about it! Carlos took a quick break from recording in the studio to chat with us about what it was like touring the globe. We're talkin' crazy fan stories, pre-show rituals, and yes, even some embarrassing moments...

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So what do the boys do to pump themselves up for a Big Time performance on stage? Well, Carlos spilled, "We get together and do a little words of wisdom, and do some quacks like in the Mighty Ducks. And then we all, you know, have our own little thing." We guess birds of a feather really do flock together :).

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Then Carlos shared his wildest fan story from the road. He said, "They once snuck into...our hotel. And tried to find our room and stuff, which was pretty crazy."

But what was Carlos' most mortifying moment while performing for thousands of fans across the world? Well, this Big Time blooper actually happened on stage. Carlos said, "I tried to jump up on a big drum riser and I fell on my butt, which was pretty embarrassing. But after I got back up I was like, 'Well, it happens.'"



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