Carlos Pena's First Crush

Posted on Nov 1, 2012

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We all remember our very first crush, and Carlos Pena is no exception. Being a world-traveling rock star and talented TV celeb probably gives him a pretty big popularity boost now, but how about when he was still a teen? Who first crushed on this Big Time Rush boy? Carlos served up the adorable deets to Fanlala and we've got the scoop!

Blog Image Carlos First Crush Image 2

Carlos dished, "My first crush was a camp, camp Susquehanna in Pennsylvania, my summer camp that I went to for six years. I was like 13, and I think what made her like me so much is I was just a down to earth guy, you know, joked around, had fun. I actually did horseback riding and I think she dug that." Aww, his crush clearly appreciated the goofiness we know and love about Carlos, but what did he like about her? He said, "She was the coolest girl...she loved playing sports, we hung out all the time and it was great."

Well we gotta give props to this gal for being one of the first to see that Carlos was something special!


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