Carlos Pena Gets Pranked!

Posted on Jan 25, 2013

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Have you ever been pranked? Well, we're all for goofs and gags, but sometimes being the butt of the joke can cause a major freak out! And thanks to a prank gone wrong, Carlos Pena knows this all too well...

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In an interview with MTV Buzzworthy, the guys shared some of their silliest prank experiences, ever. But there was one shenanigan that stood out above the rest. "Someone pulled a prank on Carlos!" Kendall said. "They put super glue on his water bottle." Uh-oh! That already sounds like a recipe for disaster. But that's not the end...

"It backfired," Carlos continued. "'Cause I grabbed it before it dried and I unscrewed the lid and put my mouth where all the super glue was...and I had this bottle stuck. I was freaking out!"

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Wow! Good thing Carlos was able to break free, or else he could've been singing into a permanent microphone! So, when it comes to pranks, we advise everyone to stick with Logan's advice, "Never play with super glue, kids!"


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