Happy Birthday Carlos Pena!

Posted on Aug 15, 2013

Carlos Pena Birthday Top 5 Faves

Welcome Rushers! Do you have your streamers and confetti ready? We hope so, because it's Carlos Pena's birthday, and the festivities have officially begun! We're kicking off our bday shout-out with the top FIVE reasons why we heart this BTR boy. And each one is better than the last!

Carlos Pena Birthday Top 5 Faves

Ready to hear our list of Carlos faves? Here it goes!

1. His dimples! I mean come on, what fan doesn't heart those?
2. His voice! This may be a no-brainer, but this guy's vocals are so sweet, they deserve a standing ovation. Are we right or are we right?
3. He's an animal-lover! Carlos is the proud pup-parent of his German Shepard, Sydney. Anyone with a soft-spot for fuzzy pets gets an 'OK' in our book.
4. He's a goofball! From epic pranks to his LOL-worthy shenanigans on stage, you can count on Carlos to keep life on the road spontaneous and fun.
5. He's multi-talented! Not only does he sing, act and dance, but he's also on his way to becoming a big time director! Carlos has already directed TWO Big Time Rush episodes, proving that he's no rookie.

Happy birthday to one of the coolest dudes we know and love, Carlos Pena! Okay, you can let that confetti fall now...


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