Carlos Pena's Message To Santa!

Posted on Nov 1, 2012

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Sometimes you get a present so amazing that it sticks with you forever. And when Carlos Pena was a tiny tot, Santa sent him a present so special that he just had to send him a thank you shout out! Wondering what the great gift was? We'll give you a was the kind of gift that kept on giving!

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No, it wasn't Logan in a shopping cart. Although, that would be a pretty great present. It was a coin-collecting pet pig! In an interview with Toys For Tots, Carlos gushed, "I want to thank Santa for an awesome gift that I got when I was about eight years old. It was this really piggy bank that was totally functional, and it had a credit card, and I literally had to type how much money I was inputting and taking out. And I'd swipe this plastic card and it would pop up, and that really showed me how to save my money. And eventually, I bought my first bicycle! So thank you Santa for my piggy bank...and my first bicycle."

A penny saved is a penny earned. And in this case, it earned Carlos some sweet new swag!

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