Carlos Pena in 'Three Time Rush'?

Posted on Jan 5, 2013

Blog Image Carlos Pena Three Time Rush Image 1

BTR with a missing member is like trying to play the tuba with your toes. It just doesn't work! But during one of their Big Time shows, BTR had to go Kendall-less (gasp!). But don't worry, guys. It wasn't for good. He only missed the performance because he was a bit under the weather. But on Carlos Pena's YouTube channel, he described how the experience threw him for a loop!

Blog Image Carlos Pena Three Time Rush Image 2

While answering fan questions, Carlos listed the short-staffed performance as one of his scariest experiences on stage. He said, "...Most nerve-racking for me was going on stage without Kendall and doing Three Time Rush. That was pretty crazy, in front of like 12,000 people. And we had to cover all of Kendall's parts, which is really hard!"

Blog Image Carlos Pena Three Time Rush Image 3

Even though the trio pulled off the show without a hitch, we've gotta side with Carlos. We'd go into panic mode if we saw the band without its gorge guitarist. BTR without Kendall is Halloween without candy! Crust without bread! Legs without knees!!...You get the idea.


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