Carlos and Ryan Spill Supah Secrets About Themselves

Posted on Jan 25, 2013

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Lights, camera, action-packed adventure! You may think you know all there is to know about the crime-fighting Supah Ninjas just from watching them on screen. But there's more to these dojo-masters than you think! Ryan Potter and Carlos Knight gave the inside scoop to on starting their acting careers and how they relate to their high-kicking characters. And we're giving you the inside scoop!

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So how did Carlos land the role of Owen? "Getting the role on Supah Ninjas was a little bit of a journey. I came from South Carolina and moved to California so I could be an actor," Carlos said. "Four and a half years later, I get the audition for this, I read the script, I'm like, 'This is awesome! I gotta do it!' Got lucky, and now we're doing it."

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It was a totally different story for Ryan, who got this butt-kicking gig through his martial arts studio as a new actor. But even if he is just a young grasshopper in the field of acting, Ryan's handled his role like a pro. And he's a perfect fit for the part! "I love Mike just because he reminds me a lot of myself," Ryan explained. "We can both be shy at times, we both know martial arts, we both collect action figures and we're both each other."

These fighting friends may have had to buckle down and work hard to score these awesome roles, but judging by the likeness they share with their characters, fate must've played a hand, too!

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