Celebrity Don'ts

Posted on May 11, 2013

Celebrity Don'ts 1

If you were given the one-in-a-lifetime chance to hang with one of your fave stars, like Ariana Grande or Carlos Pena, would you know how to act? Well, the first step is to stay calm. These celebs are so down to earth, it'd be just like hanging with your best bud! But just in case you totally freeze, we put together a little list of Celebrity Don'ts. So, if you magically find yourself in one of these celebrities' entourages, here's what you should definitely NOT do.

Celebrity Don't #1: DON'T let Ariana Grande steer the limo. She just passed her driving test, and she's still learning the laws of the road! She chirped, "We passed!!!!! #imdrivinghome #watchouteveryoneontheroad Eeep!" We believe in you Ariana, and practice will make perfect. But in the meantime, maybe we'll stick to the back seat.

Celebrity Don'ts 2

Celebrity Don't #2: When hanging out with Carlos Pena, DON'T eat ketchup! Don't even mention it. That means, if you plan on heading to the ballpark to catch a game, grab two dogs with mustard only.

Celebrity Don'ts 3

Celebrity Don't #3: If you're chillin' with Carlos Knight and he challenges you to a rap battle, DON'T go in unprepared! Ye be warned: This guy is goooood. So, it's worth studying up on your rap game before agreeing to a rhyme competition.

Now that you know exactly how to act while hanging with Hollywood's finest, you'll be a celebrity bestie in no time! Just don't let the fame go to your head.


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