Celebrity Inventions: Burkely's Telepormatic

Posted on Mar 2, 2013

Burkely Telepormatic Image 1

Benjamin Franklin. Da Vinci. Thomas Edison. All of these famous inventors have got nothin' on Burkely Duffield! He's a budding genius. And he just might be changing the way we travel in the future! Alright, alright. So Burkely hasn't made any real inventions, yet. But he does have one in mind! While chatting with the House of Anubis star, he told us all about his bright idea for a super-gadget that allows you to travel miles in seconds!

Burkely Telepormatic Image 2

"I would invent definitely a teleporting machine," he said. "Because I get to travel so much in my job and I get to come to LA, or my home with my family back in Vancouver, Canada, or I go in shooting in Britain and London... So I would love, as much as I love 14-15 hour plane rides, I would love to be able to just walk into a tube, snap my fingers and then just be in another place."

Burkely Telepormatic Image 3

Wow. This invention sounds magical! But what would Burkely call this awesome new time warping machine? "I would call it the Dark Telepormatic," he said. "I like it…it'd be huge." We agree!


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