Celebrity Inventions: Carlos' Invisibility Pill

Posted on Mar 9, 2013

Carlos Invention 1

If you thought Einstein was a genius, just wait until you hear this! Supah Ninjas star Carlos Knight came up with the perfect invention to help him defeat all of his evil ninja nemeses. And we've gotta say, it's pretty brilliant. While chatting with the kick butt celeb, he gave us all the details on his made-up gadget, including its brand new name!

Carlos Invisibility 2

We asked Carlos if he could come up with an extraordinary gizmo, right on the spot. And he was surprisingly quick to answer! "I would invent a pill that could turn you invisible," he said. But even though he was a speedy inventor, he struggled a bit to come up with the perfect name. "I'd call it The Invisibility Pill. That's not a creative name for it because I just thought of it right now but logically it makes sense to call it the Invisibility Pill," he said. "Oh! We could call it the Poof Pill, or something like that."

Carlos Invention 3

The Poof Pill. We like the sound of that! Now, whenever Carlos, Ryan and Gracie find themselves going up against a humungous, unbeatable villain, they can take one dose of this magical concoction and they'll be sure to win the battle. How could you knock out your opponent if you can't even see them? Boom!

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