Celebrity Inventions: Daniella's Flying Machine!

Posted on Aug 6, 2013

Daniella Monet Celebrity Invention 1

It's Celebrity Inventions time again! You know we just love to pick the magical minds of our Nick stars to find out what they've got floating around in there. And as it turns out, Daniella's got some pretty fly ideas! We asked her what she would create if she could make anything in the world. We even asked her to name her master invention. Let's see what she came up with!

Daniella Monet Celebrity Invention 2

After we posed the creative question to her, Daniella let her mind soar for a few seconds before telling us, "Uhmmmmm...okay let me think. I mean the obvious would be like, some sort of cool flying contraption." We could definitely get down with that! What's cooler than flying? And if anyone knows what's cool or awesome, it's AwesomenessTV host, Daniella Monet.

Daniella Monet Celebrity Invention 3

But what name would she dub this aviation creation? She said, "I would simply just call it a 'flying contraption.'" Sweet 'n simple! We like it. This invention sounds so sweet, we wouldn't be surprised if we spotted the cast of Awesomeness TV hitching a ride on it to the Hollywood set. Hey, it could happen!


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