5 Things You Didn't Know About Chris O'Neal

Posted on Aug 16, 2012


Between playing the hilariously hungry Kevin Reed on How to Rock, and co-hosting wacky web-video show You Gotta See This, Chris O'Neal spends a lot of time making people laugh. But there's more to this funny man than meets the eye, and he has some hidden talents besides being the funniest guy in the room. Check out the five things we bet you never knew about Chris, right here.


Chris might play a musician on How to Rock, but he makes music in real life too! On his down time, Chris writes raps and makes music for fun. And, Chris is a rock and roller in more ways than one, 'cause he also happens to be an excellent roller skater! How cool can one dude be?


So it's clear that Chris and Kevin have a couple things in common. But although Kevin loves ALL food, there happens to be one that Chris simply can't stand...and that's avocados! So, just leave the guac at home if you're ever chowing down with this guy. On the other hand, one fruit that Chris does love is oranges, as he is a self-proclaimed OJ-lover. That's a pretty healthy obsession!


Chris always brings his sense of humor to the set of How to Rock and You Gotta See This, but this comic genius has been cracking jokes since long before his Nick debut. In fact, you may have caught him on the set of another funny show, Saturday Night Live! That's right, Chris landed a part on the silly sketch show before getting the part of Kevin on How to Rock. What can we say, Chris is just a comedy natural.

To recap, Chris' five fun facts are...
1. He makes his own raps and rhymes!
2. He's a great roller skater.
3. He hates avocados.
4. He hearts oranges.
5. He starred on SNL!

So now you know these extra facts about Chris O'Neal, but there's still oh-so-much more to learn from this super star. Luckily, you can watch him on TWO shows, so don't forget to catch this comedian on How to Rock and You Gotta See This!

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