Five Fun Facts About Ciara Bravo

Posted on Oct 16, 2013

Ciara Five Fun Facts 1

Wanna know what's really fun? FUN FACTS! Especially when they're about awesome stars on the rise, like Ciara Bravo! And we have not one, but five super sweet deets on this Jinxed celeb that are worth going bonkers over. Ready for the count down? Here we go!

1. Ciara loves horseback riding!

Ciara Five Fun Facts 2

2. Sometimes she randomly bursts into a British accent, for fun.

Ciara Five Fun Facts 3

3. She was born in Kentucky.

Ciara Five Fun Facts 4

4. She's best buds with Gracie Dzienny!

Ciara Five Fun Facts 5

5. She's not the best when it comes to chores.
"I'm like super bad at making beds," she said. Hey, it's tough for us, too!

So now that your brains are full of Ciara facts, you're totally ready to see Ciara bring it on in the new movie Jinxed, coming soon! Right?

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