Cymphonique Miller Doesn't Like Cliques!

Posted on Oct 4, 2012


As a former member of the Perfs, Cymphonique Miller knows exactly what it's like dealing with cliques. And according to a recent interview with Fanlala, she is not a fan of their in-crowd-only attitude. Nobody likes being left out, and that includes this How to Rock super star.


When asked to give her very best back-to-school advice, Cymphonique didn't hesitate. "Don't form cliques," she said. "That's the worst thing because you're not really living life. Surround yourself with different people. Make friends with everyone. I know it's hard get a little shy. But be yourself. And I think that when you are yourself, other people can relate. Even if they're hiding, you might be able to bring the goodness out of them. And smile. Because if you're not smiling, how do you expect to make friends?"

So show those pearly whites and head into the halls with confidence! 'Cause with an open mind and a 'tude like Cymph's, you've got nothing to fear! Except maybe math homework...

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