Cymphonique Miller's Big Bro Guest Stars!

Posted on Aug 31, 2012


We hope you've got a box of tissues handy, 'cause with How to Rock's upcoming line-up of hilarious all new premieres, you're gonna laugh so hard you just might cry. But that's not the only reason to be excited for your return to Brewster High. There's also a long list of special guest stars to look forward to! Cymphonique Miller even welcomed a special member of her very own fam to add a little extra star power to an upcoming episode.


Cymphonique's brother Romeo made a cameo appearance on set to take on the role of a talent show judge in "How To Rock a High School Sensation." And in an interview with InsideTV, Cymphonique dished on what it was like acting alongside her big bro! "It's really crazy because, while we were on set and doing lines, one time he accidentally called me by my name, and I'd be calling him by his name," she said. "We'd be like, 'Oh, we're supposed to act like we don't know each other!'"

Oops! Well, even though there was a bit of unwanted name-calling, we think these two siblings did a pretty great job working together. And we can't wait to see the show!


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