Cymphonique Miller Likes Rocking Braces

Posted on Dec 12, 2011

Cymphonique Miller rocks. And it's not just because she's got a hip new show on the horizon or that she can school the boys of Big Time Rush in a Roque Records sing off. It's because she's the ultimate queen of confidence! Check out what she spilled to about how she used to wear her braces proudly. Plus, get some deets on her new series!


She kicked off the interview by comparing herself to her How to Rock character, Kacey Simon. She said, "I think I'm similar to Kacey because we both love performing and when we're on stage no drama matters -- all the problems just fade away and at the end of the day the most important thing about performing is that it makes me happy and it makes other people happy. There's no better feeling in the world!"

And if you didn't know already, Cymphonique is a master musician! But how is her real-life music different from Kacey's band, Gravity 5? Cymph explained, "I actually don't think that it's that much different because I feel like Gravity5's music is so diverse and my music is so diverse. I don't think you can put limits on it because I love rock, hip hop R&B, pop, country, everything!"

Then it came time to dish on the new series. So, Cymphonique shared her fave scene from the show. She said, "My favorite scene to film has definitely been the macaroni scene. I got cheese spilled on me and it was very messy but I got to make a cheese angel in the bowl of cheese, so it was really fun!"

But what was it like when Cymphonique rocked braces in real life? She shared, "...I did wear braces when I was little. But I always smiled really big in my pictures. I was never afraid to show that I had braces!"

No matter what, Cymphonique's never afraid to say cheese...Or to roll around in a gigantic bowl of it.

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