Cymphonique Miller Chats 'Kacey Simon' and More!

Posted on Aug 6, 2012


Cymphonique Miller's spending her summer in music mode, touring the country with stars like Diggy Simmons, The Fabulous Girls, and her big bro Romeo too! So how's the tour going? Well, she took a pit-stop at the J-14 office and told them, "Really well because I get to see all the fans and meet them. I love them -- I couldn't be here without them!" Aww, what a sweet gal! But even though she's busy being a huge pop star, we can't forget Cymphonique is also the star of How to Rock! She got to talk about the show when J-14 asked if she feels similar to her character Kacey. She responded, "I think we're similar in the way that she's constantly growing. We're both in love with music, and no matter what stuff we get into, we're always trying to make it right. She's a part of me."


So Kacey and Cymphonique are already pretty similar, and it looks like they're about to share one more thing in common...the guitar! J-14 asked if she could spill any spoilers on what's next for HTR, and she dished, "You will get to see me play guitar on the show for the first time -- it's an acoustic version of 'Only You Can Be You.'" Looks like Gravity 5 just might have a new guitarist! But don't worry, the things we love about the show aren't going away either, as Cymphonique added, "Expect more food to be thrown because that's what we do. We throw food. There's been slushies; there's been macaroni and cheese; we've been poured on with chocolate -- so there's everything!"

Well we love a good food fight, so waiting for the new season of How to Rock just got a little harder! But in the meantime, here's some food for thought...what delish dish you would love to see the cast throw around? Tell us below!

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