Daily Direction: Obsessorize in 1D!

Posted on Apr 6, 2012


Do you go bonkers for the Brit boys of One Direction? Join the club! All Directioners get a little bit crazed when they see Harry's caramel-brown hair blowing in the breeze or when they catch a tiny twinkle in Niall's beautiful blue eyes (sigh...). Hey, can you blame us? It's hard not to go a little berserk when you're breathing the same air as five uber talented superstars with irresistible English accents. But now is the time to let your kookiest 1D passion shine, because we're only one day away from the guys' special guest appearance on iCarly: "iGo One Direction."

In an exclusive Nick interview with Zayn, Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam, the guys dished about their wildest fan encounters, and it gave us a bit of inspiration for today's Daily Direction....

Hats fashioned from potatoes and markers?! A mask made of Louis' ice cream? Now that's dedication. And it got us thinking...We need to show our 1D support by sporting some obsessories of our own.

Today's Daily Direction: Obsessorize in 1D!

Obsessorize. It means, accessorize your obsession. Have you been saving your ticket stubs from every time you've seen the guys in concert? String them together in a 1Derful necklace! In need of a canvas for your "I heart Zayn" doodles? Scribble his name on your shoe-laces and swagify your kicks!


Come to think of it, you know who would rock at sculpting together the perfect 1D obsessory? Spencer! He is a master of crafting odd-orable designs. Do you think he'll sport some of his own homemade gear for the guys when they guest star this weekend?? We wouldn't be surprised!

So wear your wacky apparel proud. We go gaga for 1D, and we're not afraid to show it! Don't forget to catch the guys on iCarly this Saturday, and if you've got any obsessory designs of your own to share, post them in the comments below!

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