Daily Direction: Talk like 1D!

Posted on Apr 5, 2012


Cheerio! It's time to show off your finest English accent in honor of the guys of One Direction. Why? 'Cause it's today's Daily Direction. All week long, we've been doing one thing each day in honor of our fave Brit boy band and their upcoming guest appearance on iCarly! So far we've sworn off spoons, sported suspenders, hired a bodyguard, and now we're speaking their lingo.

Today's Daily Direction: Talk like 1D!

So how do the guys really talk? Sure, they pronounce their As like 'ahs' and can make just about any sentence sound like it's out of a movie written by Shakespeare. But we want you to sound truly authentic. And here's how...


Use their catch-phrases!
"Vas Happenin'?"
No, we're not actually asking you to tell us what's up. This is one of Zayn Malik's favorite lines! He always says it in interviews or when he's just goofing around with the guys. Work it in to your convo, and you'll sound like a true member of 1D.

"NO! Jimmy Protested"
Every Directioner knows that the guys of 1D love to crack jokes. And they also love story time. This funny line came from the lips of Louis Tomlinson, while he read aloud to the rest of the band. And now, it's become a go-to phrase for rebelling against something you do NOT wanna do. So today, if your lunch lady tries forcing you into wolfing down a heap of boiled lima beans, well, you know what to do.

"Will somebody hold me?"
Okay, we know what you're thinking. "That's not a 1D catch phrase!" Well, no, that's true. It's not...yet. But the guys have tons of hilarious lines in iCarly: "iGo One Direction." And they're sure to make perfect additions to our new Brit slang. Catch this quote (and a few more) in the sneak peek clip, below.

Alright! So who's ready to talk like 1D? We think we've got this UK jargon down pat. Hello world! 'Vas Happenin'?!

PS -- If you know of any other 1D catch phrases that we could use to sound like the band, post them below in the comments!

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