Daniella's Awesome Summer

Posted on Jul 29, 2013

Daniella's Awesome Summer 1

Daniella Monet is always awesome, so it makes total sense that her summer would be filled with awesomeness too! We sat down with this AwesomenessTV host and she told us all about her summer plans. Spoiler alert: Her summer's looking (you guessed it) awesome.

So, what's the best part about Daniella's summer so far? Well, let's just say the sun hasn't set on her fun yet! "I love summer weather, I love being by the water. Going to the beach, going to the lake," she said.

Daniella's Awesome Summer 2

And lucky for Daniella, there's tons of water activities out there to keep her completely entertained! "I love doing active stuff in summer so like I'll probably try surfing," she gushed. And Daniella has the perfect pal to join her in paddling out for that perfect wave. Her pup! "I have a dog so her and I go running a lot and she loves the beach," Daniella said.

Daniella's Awesome Summer 3

As far as vacay getaways go, Daniella's covered. She's already got it all planned out. "I think I'm gonna be going to Italy so I'll be jet-skiing out there which is really exciting." Jet skiing in Italy? Mamma mia! This is starting to sound like the sweetest summer ever! "I love summer," Daniella beamed. We're gonna have to agree!

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