Daniella Loves Dancing

Posted on Aug 19, 2013

Daniella Monet Loves Dancing 1

Everyone loves a good dance party. But nobody hearts a beat and a boogie more than AwesomenessTV host, Daniella Monet. If you didn't know already, this gal is pretty much a pro when it comes to cutting loose. Daniella has been a dancer since she was just a tiny tot. And she took a little time out to tell us exactly what makes getting your groove on so great.

Daniella Monet Loves Dancing 2

"Oh my gosh [dancing] just feels so good. It's just one of those things you can do, ya know, basically anywhere," she said. "I mean, I do it in my room and in the car usually, and it's just a good source of release you know." Your room is the perfect place to bust a move before hopping in bed and heading into dream land. Take it from Daniella, night time pre-snooze dance parties are all the rage.

Daniella Monet Loves Dancing 3

But Daniella didn't stop there! She continued to gab all about why dancing is the perfect "get active" activity. "It feels good to like be fun and free and you know, obviously it's a nice way to exercise as well which is always nice for health and fitness," Daniella gushed. "So to me it's just a really fun and easy way to sort of give back to yourself and your body and clear your head a little bit." So the next time you're looking for a Daniella-approved activity of awesomeness (that's good for you, too!) just remember that all you've gotta do is DANCE!

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