Daniella Monet Dreams of Skydiving!

Posted on Aug 16, 2012


She may play a diva with some killer style on the set of Victorious, but in real life, the always trendy Daniella Monet is actually quite comfortable in a helmet and knee pads. In fact, she's a bit of an extreme sports fanatic. In an interview with IMO, this on-screen fashionista dished all the deets on her fave hobbies growing up...and it didn't include shopping for high-heels and makeup.


"I grew up doing a lot of extreme sports," she said. "I hung out with all the guys in my neighborhood when I was little... I would like, skateboard and go to skate parks like every day and do motor cross like every weekend and I was kind of one of those girls. So I guess that I got all the daring stuff out of the way...and now I'm wearing pink."

But if you think she's outgrown her childhood pastimes, then think again. This dare-devil would love to take her fearless spirit to a much higher level! Literally. If Daniella could choose to do anything in the world tomorrow, she said it'd be skydiving! "...You know, why not? It's such an experience. I've heard from so many people that it's like one of the most exciting rushes ever," she chatted. "I think every moment of the plane, going up and like, you preparing yourself will be just heart-wrenching and then you realize like, okay, you can't turn back. The only way down is down."


Hanging with Daniella seems like a total rush, don't ya think? Hey, speaking of rush, do you know who would make the perfect skydiving pal for Daniella? Carlos Pena!! He's already mastered the art of plane jumping, and he could show her the ropes, err, chutes. Just a thought!

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