Daniella Monet Returns In A Fairly Odd Christmas!

Posted on Nov 28, 2012


The Fairly Odd Parents are back to bid you season's greetings in the new special, A Fairly Odd Christmas! This flick not only features famous Nick star Drake Bell returning as Timmy Turner, but also the fabulous Daniella Monet reprising her role as Tootie! That's right, this Victorious superstar is heading back to FOP land to show the world just what the holidays are about...togetherness!


Now let's get down to deets. In this holiday-themed special, Timmy accidentally sets off a panic at the North Pole after granting too many wishes (with the help of his fairy godparents). Turns out, they dished out so many wishes, kids started doubting that Santa Claus exists (uh-oh)! With the help of Tootie and friends, Timmy has to save Christmas or else he might end up spending the rest of his younger years on the Naughty List.


Find out what happens when A Fairly Odd Christmas hits the tube this Thursday night at 7/6c. This new flick is gonna be so awesome, you'll wish you could watch it again and again!


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