Daniella Monet and Gracie Dzienny On 'Girl Code'

Posted on Jul 9, 2012


Gather 'round gals! It's time for some girl talk. And boys, you may wanna listen in too (just in case). We caught Gracie Dzienny and Daniella Monet chatting all about girl code during an appearance on the new Awesomeness TV. What's girl code, you might ask? Let's just say it's a proper list of do's and don'ts in the world of female friends. And these two Nick celebs have got their rules and regulations down to an art.


First topic? Borrowing clothes! Hey, it's always fun to mix and match fashions with your best buds, but according to Gracie, it's important to be aware of their expiration date. "One of my girl codes is sharing clothes and making sure you return them," she explained. Keep this in mind the next time you raid a friend's closet. It's so much easier to lend your clothes when you know they're coming back.


Next up? The green-eyed monster. According to Daniella Monet, when it comes to your BFFs, you should avoid jealousy at all costs! She explained, "When your friends are doing really well...let's say they're doing really great in school, or they're just really happy, they have a boyfriend, this and that...I think there should be this underlining rule where you're just always happy for them and always supportive. And you don't ever wanna feel that weird jealousy or competitiveness."

We agree! These are some wise words coming from two girls that we know have their share of celebrity gal pals. And they know exactly how to treat a friend right! Follow these girl code rules of thumb, and you should be smooth girl world at least.

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