Daniella Monet Talks Style

Posted on Aug 3, 2011

In need of some fashion advice? Well, look no further. Daniella Monet is spilling all to PopStar!, including trendy tricks, summer must-haves, and whether or not her style is as diva-licious as her Victorious character, Trina. Check it out!


First, Daniella explained how her personal style differs from Trina. She said, "I'd like to say my style varies a lot from Trina. I'm a lot more low-key at home and in real life. I tend to wear a lot of casual tee-shirts and shorts with boots, and throw my hair up in a messy bun and kinda take off from there...Trina's just over the top. She'll throw it all on, all at once. And she won't leave the house without makeup and hair. And I could never do that or else I wouldn't go anywhere!"

But even though Trina's a little more fashion-flashy than Daniella, she still likes to swipe a few items from the costume closet. She confessed, "I actually like a lot of Trina's clothes. There's a couple items that I've borrowed before. Her shoes are so much fun. I've got like crazy platforms that I get to wear...I don't know. I'd say some of the dresses and the funky shorts I like to borrow."

And any trendy tricks of the trade from Daniella? Duh! She spilled, "Sunglasses are a magical trick when you don't wanna do your own makeup. So that's great. I love sunglasses. And accessories. I'm all about tons of jewelry and fun stuff like that."

Those are great anytime fashion tips, but what about summer styles? Well, don't worry. Daniella spilled about her summer must-haves. She said, "I tend to stick to the basics. And that's usually shorts, some comfy flip flops, or some fun boots...And a tee-shirt...I'd say shorts are a pretty go to, key, essential item for summer."

So let's see...all we need is a cute pair of shorts, some flip flops, a messy bun, an adorable necklace, and some sweet shades we're set for the rest of the summer. Dressing fashion forward like Daniella is a breeze!

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