Daniella The Queen of Adventure

Posted on May 10, 2013

Daniella Monet Adventurer 1

Attention explorers! Daniella Monet just might be your next adventure partner in crime. In fact, she's been crowned the Queen of Adventure! Okay, so maybe not officially, but after dishing all about her thrill-seeking personality to Popstar!, she might be in the running.

Daniella Monet Adventurer 2

If you're looking for a homebody, Daniella is definitely NOT your gal. In fact, there's nothing this bubbly star loves more than having fun outdoors! Icy mountain climbing or boxing bears? You got it! "I really feel like I could be the queen of adventure," she spilled. "It's a hard title to live up to but I think I'm doing a pretty good job, I'm just really spontaneous."

Daniella Monet Adventurer 3

And if you're chilling out with this dare-devil, you better be ready for anything. "When I hang out with my friends they never know what they're getting themselves into," she said. "I just like to have a good time." Does that mean swimming with sharks or skydiving from planes could be on the list? We've gotta grab our suits and parachutes! We've got some extreme awesomeness headed our way, fast.


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