Dillon and Taylor's Epic Jobs

Posted on Jul 2, 2011

Last night's episode was totally tubular! Don't ya think? Well, hold on to your boogy boards 'cause this epic ride isn't over yet! Tonight another awesome episode of Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures premieres and this show is gonna be even more gnarly than the last. And to prepare you for another epic eppie, we decided to give you more inside scoop on Dillon and Taylor. On tonight's show, Bucket and Skinner are getting some sweet new jobs, so we asked Dillon and Taylor about their coolest jobs ever...


Nick: "Taylor, what was the weirdest or coolest job you had before being cast as Bucket?"
Taylor: "I did a film with John Leguizamo and Rosie Perez where I played their son and that was definitely the coolest and most fun. We shot it actually in East LA and there were some crazy incidents on set, but that was the most fun. Just learning from John was awesome and he's so funny. And it was a serious movie too, which he doesn't normally do. So after we would finish shooting for the day he would just start telling jokes cause he's hilarious and it was just a lot of fun."


Nick: "Dillon, what was the weirdest or coolest job that you've ever had before being cast as Skinner?"
Dillon: "The coolest job I probably had was for a few years I spent the majority of my time in a recording studio making music videos and just recording music. I had a really cool opportunity to work with some cool songwriters and record some great music. So that was probably one of the best learning experiences and probably one of the coolest experiences of my life. I got to go to Salt Lake City and record there for six or seven months. And being from Arizona, it's super hot and there's not much to see, and then going to Utah where there's beautiful mountains and the weather's amazing and then there's snow. And I got to snowboard all the time when I was there. So yeah that was probably one of the coolest things I got to do."
Nick: "Is that something you want to pursue?"
Dillon: "Yes, definitely. Music is probably my favorite thing to do, when it's just me. I love writing music. I love playing music."

Does this mean there might be a Dillon Lane album out in the new future? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Until then, we'll just stick to watching their current career of sea-shredding.

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