Dillon Lane Guest Stars on Fred: The Show!

Posted on Mar 2, 2012


What happens when a surf pro comes face to face with a hilarious, hyper-active web celeb? We're about to find out! If you didn't already know (shame on you!) Fred Figglehorn has his very own show on Nickelodeon. And Dillon Lane is guest starring on its newest episode, "Lemon Fred"!


Dillon may be used to shredding the seas on Bucket and Skinner, but it looks like he's in for a few more kooky activities on the set of Fred: The Show.

But what will his new character be like? Dillon told Popstar!, "He's just like this laid back kid who wants to get a job working at Fred's lemonade stand. And so, I kind of put on this 'good boy' persona to get hired, and I do a very good job. But there's little minor details that kinda tick Fred off." Uh oh, sounds like Skinner might be headed for some rough waters!


We can't wait to catch Dillon and Fred combining their comedic talents for one epic episode. Catch the rest of the pics from "Lemon Fred" here and don't forget to tune in, tonight!

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