Get To Know the Actors Behind Supah Ninjas!

Posted on Jul 6, 2011

You know they're tough, you know they kick-butt, and you know they're, well, super! But, how much do you really know about the three stars behind the suits? From school to super martial arts, they've sure got a lot to handle. But, Gracie, Carlos, and Ryan, snuck a few minutes backstage for an interview with Fanlalawhere they spill the deets!


Ryan talked about the first day ever on set, and said "It was a little slow in the morning...but by lunch everyone clicked and there was like this great energy." It looks like these supah ninjas get along supah well off-screen!

Gracie talked about the entire Nick family (welcome!) and said, "Being a part of the Nickelodeon family is so amazing, everyone is so kind." Get ready for more, Gracie, you're not only part of the Nick family, but you're a Nick supahstar!

Carlos summed up the life of the show with his great energy and fun personality. He was excited to talk about his journey to supah stardom: "I'm from Columbia, South Carolina, which is the most awesome place in the world...I moved to California so I could be and actor, and I really like it. I like both places." East or West, Carlos keeps up that super spirit on set!

What else is there to know?!...They're fun, they're sweet, and they've got supah personalities! Looks like these supah ninjas are also supah awesome!


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