Gracie or Amanda?

Posted on Jun 4, 2013

Gracie Dzienny Supah Ninjas Amanda Mckay 1

Supah Ninjas gal Amanda McKay is one totally talented butt kicker! Brains, popularity and a top spot on the cheer squad? That's a triple threat if we've ever seen one. But actually, Amanda's on screen girl power reminds us a lot of another star... the real life Gracie Dzienny! These two gals are so similar, in fact, we thought we'd put all you true Supah fans to the test, to see if you can spot which fact belongs to Gracie and which to Amanda!

Ready? Question 1! Which one of these girls is super studious? Word is, she's every teacher's dream! We're talkin' straight A's all the way.

Gracie Dzienny Supah Ninjas Amanda Mckay 2

Question 2! When it comes to making delicious oven-baked treats, who's the one in the kitchen with a frosting-covered spatula? Don't forget the sprinkles and tasty cupcake toppings...

Gracie Dzienny Supah Ninjas Amanda Mckay 3

Okay, were you able to tell these girls apart? We hope so, because here goes the deets! When it comes to being a certified bookworm, Amanda's definitely your girl! How does she manages to juggle cheer-leading, fighting baddies and school? Natural-born awesomeness. And the real cupcake queen? Why, that's the lovely Gracie of course. In fact, it's one of her favorite hobbies. But then again, you're such a pro, you probably already knew! PS - save some sweet treats for us!


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