Happy Birthday Gracie!

Posted on Aug 26, 2011

Gracie Dzienny is such a sweetheart, she practically gives us a toothache! And now it's time to send a little love back to the gracious Gracie. Why? Because it's one of the biggest days of the year for the kick-butt starlet. It's her 16th birthday! And since we think she's one of the coolest and kindest stars in Hollywood, we thought we'd share why we think Gracie puts the sweet in sweet 16!


Gracie Sweet Deet 1: This girl can bake!
Gracie is literally the queen of sugary snacks. She's got tons of her own cupcake recipes, which she bakes for her co-stars and set mates! She's even shared some of her Supah Ninja cupcake creations with us. Yum!

Gracie Sweet Deet 2: She's the life of the party.
Gracie loves a good party. Who doesn't? But she's such a shining star, that she's knows how to show everyone a good time. Even when it's a surprise party thrown just for her! She tweeted about her super sweet surprise party that her pals threw for her last weekend. She chirped, "Had the best surprise party everrrr!!!!!"

Gracie Sweet Deet 3: She's got sweet style!
We did a style file of this fashionable beauty, and trust us. You'd definitely want to raid her closet.

Gracie Sweet Deet 4: She loves her fans!
Gracie always answers tweets from her fans as soon as they come chirping her way! What a tweetheart!
She even spills secrets to her fans. One fan tweeted, "@GracieDzienny what do you look for in a guy?" And seconds later Gracie replied, "ummm...someone who can make me laugh! And someone who isnt always sooo serious :) idk! Haha!"

Gracie Sweet Deet 5: She's polite, even while she sleeps!
Gracie is sweet to everyone she meets...even when she sleeps. She tweeted, "Greeted people last night while sleeping... "Hi nice to meet you!", "Nice to meet you!!!".. Hey well a least I had manners!!" LOL!

We love you Gracie, for every single sugary sweet thing about you. And happy birthday! We hope it's one of the best:)!

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