Gracie's Cupcake Recipe!

Posted on Aug 19, 2011

You already got a sneak peek at some of Gracie Dzienny's supah cupcakes. Now it's time to try them out on your own! And she was nice enough to give us the supah secret recipe and step-by-step instructions on how to bake these delicious dojo treats just like she does. Check out the recipe below (complete with ninja knowledge), sent in by Gracie herself!


The Recipe From Gracie...

Alright guys, I have one favorite cheat when it comes to baking. It takes any cake from blah to SUPAH! This quick fix to a box cake mix is an easy way for people at any age to make professional cupcakes. The recipe is really really easy!

All you will need is:
1 cup of Buttermilk
1 box of cake mix
4 eggs
Oil (The same amount called for on the box)

1. Dump the cake mix in a large bowl
2. Add the amount of oil that is called for on the box
3. Put in 4 eggs (This is the one time you don't need to listen to what others say on the box!!!)
4. Add one cup of Buttermilk (This is the substitute for the water and will make your cupcakes rich and delicious! Yummy right?)
5. Mix it all with a blender at medium/high speed until everything is mixed evenly (Make sure the bottom doesn't have powder left over!!)

Ninja Knowledge: Put the batter in a gallon zip-lock bag and cut the corner with a scissors. The bag will help you have better control of how much you put in the cupcake tins, keep your counter drip free, and will help you keep all the cupcakes around the same size!

And that is it! Your batter is complete! Just pour, bake, frost, and enjoy! Try it out and let me know what you guys think! I'd love to hear your opinions and see some of your SUPAH creations!


Wow! Thanks Gracie! We've got to try these out. Has anyone seen our supah spatula?

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