Gracie Dzienny is One of the Guys!

Posted on Dec 27, 2012

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Who ever said crime fighting was just for boys? Girls know how to kick butt, too! Take Gracie Dzienny, for example. She's got enough girl power to make even the darkest of villains cry for their mommy (it's true, we've seen it isn't pretty). But Gracie's Supah Ninjas counterpart, Amanda, isn't the only one who's cool with being one of the boys. Gracie spilled to Reel Film News about bonding with the guys on set and she even dished some deets on the Mike and Amanda saga.

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First, Gracie gave the 411 on the 'are they, or aren't they?' drama between Mike and Amanda. She said, "Mike and Amanda's relationship is kind of like any teenage relationship. They like each other but at the same time they don't want to admit it, and Amanda really doesn't know how she feels about Mike yet. They're really just trying to discover and trying to see if she likes him, if she doesn't, if it's just friends, so they really go through a lot of ups and downs in their sort of relationship and they both have relationships on their own. They have their boyfriend or girlfriend and then they have feelings for each other. So it's very awkward between Mike and Amanda."

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And how does this glamor girl feel about being the odd girl out? She doesn't mind at all! Actually, Gracie and her co-stars, Ryan Potter and Carlos Knight, are close pals. She said, "They're like my brothers. I feel like I could tell them anything."

But being the only girl in the group has gotta be hard, don't ya think? Well, like we said before, Gracie's got no prob fitting in with the boys. She said, "Being the only girl is fun. The boys really look after me. They're always making sure I'm okay. Sometimes it's hard because I don't play basketball and baseball as well as the boys and it's sometimes hard to connect with them. But I feel like we make up for it and have such a close friendship that really it's like I'm one of the guys."

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