Gracie Dzienny's Secret Obsession

Posted on Jul 6, 2011

Gracie's got a bubbly personality and she totally epic on Supah Ninjas, but there's more to this ninja than meets the eye. But, what could it be...A dinosaur as a pet? A third eye? A backyard full of buried treasure?! In an interview with Fanlala, Gracie admits one of her sweet secrets, and it's literally "sweet"!


What's sweeter than super sweet?!...cupcakes! Gracie admits to having a slight obsession with baking. She makes villain themed cupcakes every week! Villainous sweets?! Does that mean that they're evil treats with sour cake and bitter frosting? But, Gracie assures us that they're actually sweeter than ever. She says, "This week I have chocolate bugs, and I piped them all out and laid m&m's so they look like centipedes."

Baking for the crew really is sweet, Gracie! They look like bugs, but they don't taste like them, right?

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