Gracie Dzienny's 90 Degree Supah Move!

Posted on Jan 20, 2013

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In Supah Ninjas, Gracie Dzienny plays a gal who can drop kick just about any evil villain that comes her way. But even though she's got major fighting skills on screen, that doesn't mean she's a wimp in real life. She's got some major ninja moves of her own! In an interview with CelebSecrets4U, Gracie spilled on one of her wow-worthy supah tricks. Plus, she dished on how she preps for the show!

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First off, those crazy fight scenes take loads of practice. "We do a lot of training and I've started taking some martial arts classes for it," Gracie said. "And I also was a dancer growing up, so I think [that helped me] a lot."

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So, it turns out, Gracie was practically born for this part! Not only does she know how to move like a karate pro thanks to her skills on the dance floor, but she's got even more supah moves in her genes. "My back is really flexible," Gracie said. "So I can make like a 90 degree angle with my back."

Whoa! We gotta see that one! Do you think she might try out this trick in a new Supah Ninjas episode? We hope so.


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