Guess the Guest: iCarly

Posted on Aug 29, 2012


Are you an iCarly expert? Have you seen every episode and memorized every LOL-worthy line? We know there's a team of web show geniuses out there. But even if you don't know everything about Seattle's silliest citizens, we're pretty sure you can take on this challenge. We're playing another round of Guess the Guest! That means we give you five clues about a past mystery guest, and then you give us the answer. It's that easy! Are you ready to play? Here come the clues in three, two, one...!


In the episode, Carly, Sam, and Freddie thought they were in serious trouble with this guest star...
This guest star is a huge fan of the web-show in real life!
This guest star is a natural at random-dancing.
This guest star played a round of "Is Gibby Wearing a Hat or Criticizing a Hamster?" on iCarly.
This cameo appearance was the First of its kind...

Time's up! The mystery guest star is...


First Lady, Michelle Obama!!!

That's right, this episode of iCarly was full of stars and stripes when Michelle Obama stepped on set! In "iMeet the First Lady," the gang hacked into a government network to surprise Carly with a video chat with her dad. When Secret Service agents picked up Freddie, Carly, and Sam at school, they thought they were in serious trouble, but the First Lady only wanted to congratulate them (and share a spaghetti taco with Spencer). She even took a time out to random-dance with the crew. Awesome!

So, did you use the clues to win or lose? Either way, come back next time for another star-studded round of Guess the Guest!

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