Guess the Guest: iCarly

Posted on Sep 21, 2012


Do you know what time it is? It's TRIVIA TIME! In honor of this happy Friday, we could think of no better way to kick start the weekend than by quizzing it up with one of our fave games, Guess the Guest. And today, we're calling out to all the iCarly brainiacs in the world to see if they know-it-all about this certain mystery cameo. You don't have to be a dinosaur to remember this one, but you may have to dig back in time to find the answer. Ready, set, GO!


This cameo character was part of the AV club along with Freddie.
Both Carly and Sam were crushing on this guest star in the episode!
In real life, this guest star has a furry pet pal he brings everywhere.
This actor has a lucky comb, and they're inseparable!
Acting isn't his only skill. This guest star has major vocal range!

Feeling sure? Well, hold on to your guess, because you're about to find out who this mystery character is...


It's James Maslow! This BTR star made his first appearance on Nick in the iCarly episode, "iSaw Him First!" Can you remember that far back?? We're so used to seeing James and the gang on Big Time Rush that we almost forgot where we saw that awesome hair -- err, face -- first! But nothing's changed. Even back then, James was a ladies man, and Sam and Carly were competing their way to his heart. When they couldn't decide who should date him, they held a kissing contest to square things out. Hey, seems fair enough!

So how did you do this round? No worries if your trivia IQ didn't multiply, 'cause there's always another chance to quiz your smarts. Keep your eye out for the next Guess the Guest, and in the meantime, stay tuned to all your fave Nick shows to get a heads up on cameos to come!

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