Guess Who?

Posted on Jun 4, 2013

Nick Stars Daniella Monet Guess Who 1

Any undercover spies out there? Well, listen up! Your very first mission involves uncovering a very mysterious star whose identity is being kept a secret. The rules of this game are, we give you the classified hints, and you Guess Who. Got it? Here goes! First clue: When it comes to music, this multi-talented star loves jamming to every beat! In fact, for her, groovin' comes completely natural. She dished to AOL Kids, "I'm a self-taught dancer and, until this year, I've never taken a lesson."

Nick Stars Daniella Monet Guess Who 2

And that's not where this star's major skills end. This celeb is also a total pro in martial arts! "I enjoy martial arts and earned a brown belt, black stripe in tae kwon do,'" she said. Sound familiar? Think hard, because we're about the reveal the hidden identity of...

Nick Stars Daniella Monet Guess Who 3

Daniella Monet! Yup, not only is this gal a complete natural at acting, but she's also skilled in dancing and kicking butt. Talented much? You betcha! Great work detective. Now stay tuned for the next edition of Guess Who!


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