Guess Who?

Posted on Jun 9, 2013

Lucas Cruikshank Guess Who 1

Think you've got what it takes to solve the trickiest mysteries? If so, it's time to show what you've got and prove it! The mission here is simple... we give you a few secret clues about a certain celeb, and you have to Guess Who they are... starting NOW! Hint 1: When it comes to laser tag, this star is known to play like a true Olympian. This celeb even chirped about it, saying,"I got in 3rd place in laser tag and I literally feel like I just won the Olympics. #proud."

Lucas Cruikshank Guess Who 2

But as skilled as this star is at chasing people with laser beams, when it comes to elevators, they're the first one to run the other way! Yup, this celeb is totally frightened by elevators. So think you've figured out this mystery celeb yet? Blurt it out loud and proud, because we're letting the cat out the bag NOW!

Lucas Cruikshank Guess Who 3

This mystery celeb is... Lucas Cruikshank! If you give this Marvin, Marvin star a laser, you better watch out because he's a master at point and shoot! Unless you duck in an elevator, of course. Did you guess right this time? Well, even if you had some trouble, there's always the next round of Guess Who to look forward to. Happy mystery solving!


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